Crosley CD Recorder

Model CR79

I thought I'd write about Crosley CD Recorder during my vacation since I couldn't find much review on it. The material on Crosley CD Recorder is a handcrafted wood design and not a laminate as I thought originally. The design reminiscing the 30's to 50's its elegance is reflected in the quality craftsmanship from Crosley. It just looks like a wooden box. The display area contains nobs for Volume, Tuning and buttons for Function, Program, Folder, Power, CD Recorder, Finalize, Band and Line in and Headphone.

The turntable on Crosley CD Recorder works little differently than you'd expect. First you have to set the function switch to Phono and you have to raise the tone arm and swing it to the right to get it started. Once it is started, set the needle at the end of the record. Turntable stops once the record is done, but it doesn't return the tone arm to its resting position.

The speaker on this unit is better than expected. Nothing fancy, but it was better than what I expected. Just don't expect this to replace your highend stereo. This unit was on par with my other all in one stereo unit from the past. You know the ones with cassette decks with cd and speaker on both side.

Here's the picture of the remote. I know it's hard looking or a remote online. Also, the picture of the back. There are connections for external speaker and amp. I assume with external units you'd get little more power with 5 watts per channel.
People purchasing this should be for the record player and anything else is just bonus. When you transfer from vinyl to CD the quality of the sound is very good. It isn't exactly like your store bought CD, but it sounded exactly like the vinyl. If you want to hear crisp recording you should just go get a CD instead of coverting your vinyl. This also goes for cassette player. You get same quality when you covert from cassette to CD.

The recording process is relatively easy and unit is compact enough to fit anywhere. Classic design makes it easy to blend in with your furniture. Another good thing is the needle in the turntable is actually replaceable. I remember my old system where it was impossible to find a replacement needle.
My main purpose of purchasing Crosley CD Recorder was to transfer vinlys to CD, but it seems I listen to vinyls lot more than recording them. Whenever my friends are over, they are gently surprised by my turntable and we enjoy our old favorites the way we used to listen to. Some of my friends were so impressed, they are considering getting one for themselves.

For people with vinyls that couldn't play it and also wanting to put it into cd, this is great choice. It may not be your primary CD player or Radio, but certainly this has its place. Crosley CD Recorder certainly has its niche and for people wanting to get a taste of turntable, it is good choice.