Rega P1 Record Player

Rega has been known to serious audiophiles as a smart choice on a budget. With history of over 25 years with a British manufacturer we will be looking at this turntable to review. At a price tag of $350 it is at the bottom of the price range from this company. With this low price allows whole new buyers to experience the Rega. A good turntable requires proper design with good materials. It is both art and science in proper balance. You just cannot achieve this balance with plastic cheap products sold at the big stores. Definite step up from Crosley CD Recorder.

P1 comes with ortofon OM-5e cartridge pre-installed on a RB100 tone arm and MDF platter with felt mat and dust cover. Most of the times, the parts will be spot on when assembling, but sometimes they do require little adjustment. My tracking force was tad higher so all I had to do was turn back the counterweight a quarter turn. If you're listening with the turntable for the first time, you will know what the difference is. It's like listening to the tube for the first time, but better.

P1's performance is outstanding for this price range. Performance actually got better during the break-in period. What really impressed me was the way it handled crappy vinyls. Some of the vinyls I had were very worn out and became intollerable for expensive rigs, but on P1 it was manageable. It was a pleasant surprise.

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